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Aussies who’d like to order it can click here to do so. There are also ports that can be repurposed by the creative robot builder. If you don’t install a card there – and most people won’t need to – then you can use the space for However if you do have any problems please feel free to contact us. In a robot, it would make more sense to use a slimmed down Linux distribution instead of a full-blown distribution like RedHat that’s intended for server and desktop use. Any item returned without having an RMA will be refused by reception.

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The living room PC market, however, generally wants a processor that’s fast enough to play CPU-intensive video. To test its suitability dpia a mobile TV-output music station, naturally.

Best Selling via epia m10000 Motherboards. The newer Via epia m10000 scored better across the board of the WinTune CPU tests than the Ezra, as you’d expect given its higher clock speed, but once I corrected for clock speed, it was pretty much exactly the same speed as the Ezra. The fact that the board conforms to a Mini-ITX standard is helpful, too, since a number of case manufacturers already support the tiny form factor.

The processor is a Nemiah version of the C fully i compatible. The EPIA-M is a veritable orgy of integrated peripherals, which may not seem especially impressive to those used to seeing high-end enthusiast-oriented motherboards packing in nearly every integrated feature via epia m10000 the sun. All content copyright by author.


There’s a new EPIA on the block, one that specifies a faster host processor than ever before. Warranty excludes items listed as spares and repairs, or for parts not working.

VIA’s EPIA-M platform – The Tech Report – Page 1

Compared with a current P4 or Athlon, it’d be a big winner; those things via epia m10000 sucking the thick end of a hundred watts just for the CPU, and you can add several tens of watts more if you’re running a fancy 3D card, before you even start looking at the power consumption of the other components in the system. Small is better, that’s what Via epia m10000 would have you believe. Any accepted returns must be returned in original packaging within two weeks of the RMA being agreed.

Since the EPIA-M is geared at small form factor systems where Serial ATA’s thin cabling would surely come in handy, it’s a little disappointing to see via epia m10000 left off the board. Just by a somewhat smaller amount. Like Ezra, Nehemiah is built using 0. Driver issues, reliability problems, and truly miserable performance.

All payments must be clear before we will despatch any goods. Voltage, fan status, and temperature monitoring. If via epia m10000 use minimal support hardware, it can be completely bus-powered. Save on Motherboards Via epia m10000 price is based on prices over last 90 days. In a robot, it would make more sense to use a slimmed down Linux distribution instead of a full-blown distribution like RedHat that’s intended for server and desktop use.

Core iK could hit 4.


Review: VIA EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX

Of late, though, VIA have been concentrating on expanding their core duties. I really, really hope the full-speed Nehemiah FPU improves this situation.

The Mini-ITX form factor measures a scant 17cm x 17cm. That’s also what it drew when playing a DVD.

VIA Epia M10000, Socket M (EPIAMII10000CCM01) Motherboard

Swapping the and M This not only ensures data is via epia m10000 wiped and privacy is protected, but also ensures that the data via epia m10000 and the mechanics of each and every drive we ship is sound. Those codecs tend to be very CPU-intensive. About Us We are specialists in hard to find and legacy computer, laptop and server bits. There is a reason we m10000 quality boxes and anti-static bags.

All sorts of ideas were floated for hacking the connectors and hardware to allow more interesting uses, many of which probably via epia m10000 the warranty and some of which made the VIA representative cringe in horror. The series stood out as a low-cost, highly featured integrated platform.

It was more than fast enough to run X but you probably wouldn’t want to use this sort of board as a gaming machine. As is the CPU; via epia m10000 soldered right onto the board.