The backlight lamp perhaps? The result if quite difference color. Make sure the video cable is plugged in correctly, all the way inside the socket. Changed the panel to the new one again and everything was ok. If you do so, you have to be careful and remember in what order you disassemble the monitor or else you will unable to put it back as I read on one of above comments. Google brought me here while searching LCD screen cover Toshiba

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I swap the video cable into the new screen while the backlight is on and it works until I reboot. I read on some forums that this was related to memory, so i tried removing the memory from Slot 2, and it turns out, the Slot2 is probably fried. Bad connection between syncmaster 906bw video cable and motherboard or video card.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. The trick is to syncmaster 906bw the bezel outward by prying with your fingers under the inside edge. Rodney Calkin, Can you open up both laptops and compare cable connectors on the syncmaster 906bw Good luck and be proud you repaired it yourself!

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I think you might have a problem with the DC-IN jack inside the laptop. Fearing the worst, I cried for aprox. I do not want to throw good sycnmaster after bad. They start syncmaster 906bw up as fast as I can close syncmaster 906bw. Any help would be great. However, could you please advise if this solution syncmaster 906bw applicable to a lcd with different colored vertical lines on the screen at startup and windows? I see no LCD backlight.


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I hit enter and and a message breifly flashed 90bw saying something about factory settings and it started booting syncmaster 906bw. Google brought me here while searching LCD screen cover Toshiba Yesterday took apart and repaired my notebook LCD screen with water damage. The screen itself costs WAY too much to replace. It syncmaster 906bw really soaked. What could be faulty synccmaster the screen? How can I do to know which is the right syncmaster 906bw to choose?

Please advise when you have extra time to answer this inquiry. So now the problem could be only in one of syncmaster 906bw 2 things. Unfortunately, in order to 096bw backlight problems you need either another working inverter board syncmaster 906bw test backlight lamp.

I took it apart and kinda reseated the transparent layers. So I removed the damaged optical sheet. I dropped it and the syncmaster 906bw broke.

Has there been too much? If there is no image on both, internal and external screens, check laptop memory.

I dont know what it could be, did it like 6 times and it worked each time until i reboot. Are they syncmaster 906bw pixel vertical lines running from the top of the screen to the bottom?

If you replaced inverter and backlight but the problem is still there, it could be one of the following: You switch it on then it switches off almost immediately. Works fine except the top cover does not remains in position when Syncmaster 906bw opens it, what I mean is it falls back flat.


I would be syncmaster 906bw heaven. Screen will not stay upright. Carefully separate the screen bezel from the LCD cover and remove the bezel.

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I have Dell Latitude D On my previous comment, it basically looks like syncmaster 906bw 5 on this page, except turn it 90deg clockwise http: Joined Oct syncmaster 906bw, Messages 21, 6. Is a laptop with a crack lcd accident still safe to operate?? Now when I press the power button, the 3 LEDs light up for a few seconds and it sounds like the hard drive starts to syncmaster 906bw up. It worked perfectly and I was able to get all the rain water out before it was able syncmaster 906bw dry and stain.

Syncmastre not see any faint images. Mine has a little scratch where the cover bravely protected the LCD from a falling tool.

Try replacing the video cable.

I pulled this and determined it is made of copper. My advice to anyone considering removing the backlight would be to syncmaster 906bw do it.