Will a13 inch Macbook pro be able to support Cubase, Logic, Ableton, and Reason all in one laptop without any major problems? The more stuff you hang on USB 1. OK, you want raw advice? The flash storage or solid state disk — SSD is much faster than a hard disk, which is great for loading virtual instruments and music projects quickly. Thanks a lot… Keep doing this Awsome articles, a lot say thanks but I think you help many more. How long does the iOS 7.

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The 17 inch is a lot to lug around.

I’d suggest spending a bit more money m-audio firewire 410 windows 8 a firepod for that purpose. Who Really needs a PCI interface? Macs, for some reason, seem to have a better time of it with USB. I use this with a condenser the free one firewige came with works great to do live jam and rehearsal recording.

Elle a fais son temps donc jhesite actuellement entre 2 cartes …. They may lack the gain to drive some microphones, but usually work fine with common condenser mics. Techs claim USB 3 is faster than firewire.

M-Audio FireWire Solo Mobile Audio Interface | Musician’s Friend

December 30, at 4: Liquid technology combines with Saffire PRO FireWire interfacing to windkws a host of authentic pre-amp flavours, seamless software integration, excellent routing flexibility windowws future-proof, rock-solid driver stability.

After a m-audio firewire 410 windows 8 adjustment it was purring like a kitten. Salut Damien et autres personnes sur le Forum! What can I do to make a small lightweight but good keyboard work with my Airbook?

The unit turned out to be fairly intuitive and M-audio firewire 410 windows 8 completed a decent recording the first day using my Intel-based IMac. BonjourMerci par avance pour la peine que vous vous donnez pour satisfaire les mutiples demandes.


December 12, at 6: Thanks in advance, Andy. Then they show up on the forums, mad, confused, tired, screaming.

FireWire 410 Driver

I would be very grateful to hear fierwire views on the following options and would welcome your comments on any other considerations prior to purchasing? Remember, drivers and DACs are the critical variables. This may be because its the first generation of a processor technology from Intel that combines a Core i5 or i7 processor, with a graphics processor HD graphics on one silicon chip.

As SSDs have no moving parts, they can get to m-audio firewire 410 windows 8 in virtual instruments much faster, so an SSD can support more sampled instruments. Oxygen 49 triggers multiple weird notes at once!! En plus, tu as une version pour iPad, iPhone et Android. Otherwise, you may not even windosw the difference in m-audio firewire 410 windows 8 between a dual core and quad core. I will then have to unplug it, replug it, go to system preferences, and firewirs my soundcard output once again.

Hope this helps Tom! Now does it make sense why I will not recommend a USB audio interface? January 19, at 3: The harder the Mac works, the hotter it gets, and the faster the 88 runs to compensate.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

November 11, at 2: I got my M-Audio FireWire Solo two months ago to start doing digital recording using GarageBand and have been generally pleased with its performance, though M-audio firewire 410 windows 8 agree the manual wasn’t helpful. Thank you m-audio firewire 410 windows 8 much for your interest, With all due respect for those who love GarageBand software, I have no interest at all in learning how to use it, however I am very interested in trying my keyboard with the build in piano in GarageBand to see if that works okay.


Never confuse the two; it’s night and day difference in terms of performance. Sarah, help is coming. We use an external audio interface for lower noise, better fidelity, TRS and XLR inputs, higher sample rates and bit depth e. The delta has been out a while and the price has dropped. On the inexpensive side the emu M and M-audio are known performers.

Home Studio : Comment choisir sa carte son ?

La carte son va te permettre 2 choses: The downsize is flash storage is relatively expensive, so typical flash storage capacities are much less than hard disks. Guitar Effects Buying Guide. Heyyyy i have the 13 inch macbook pro, i m-audio firewire 410 windows 8 acoustic and electric guitar and sing aswell, when i go to record i simply use the macbook pro microphone and either play guitar and sing together or record each seperately.

All I’ve used it with are Macs. Occasionally, have to restart system for M-Audio software to detect hardware, even though Pro-Tools must have seen it to initiate itself, but other than that have no complaints. Great box for the recording guitarist who wants to get into Pro Tools LE. When I got a new computer with a higher OS, I had to wait a while before M-Audio came out with an updated driver, but now we’re up and running.

August 13, m-audio firewire 410 windows 8 9: