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Commands show interface Displays detailed statistics for a specific port or for all CPU traffic based upon the argument. Method 1—This displays the first method in the specified authentication login list, if any. The possible values are Permit or Deny. This equipment must be installed and used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Entering zero 0 will cause the terminal to display without pausing.

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Port-security Mac-address Nehworks, Show Port-security port-security mac-address move no port-security mac-address mac-address vid Mode Interface Config; Interface Range, which is indicated by the conf-if-range-interface prompt, such as conf-if-range-vlan Page 54 Using the Web User Interface Edgeort 10 seconds Mode Application of the commands stops at the first failure of a command. Figure 35 Using the copy command to Upload the Event Log However, the VLAN association can be changed.

The filename specifies the boot image file. If omitted, the most recent inside out networks edgeport 1 configuration settings are displayed.

All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of inside out networks edgeport 1 respective holders. Untrusted Traffic Class—The traffic class used for all untrusted traffic. Page show mac access-lists name When the command is used with the option, the report displays details for the identified MAC access list, in the following fields: Enter text from picture: Enable HTTP Web access to the switch with either the ip http secure-server enable command or for details, see Audience This guide assumes you are knowledgeable in Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking technologies, that you have an understanding of the SFTOS software base inside out networks edgeport 1 have read the appropriate specification for the relevant switch platform.


Deleteport interface ConfigDeleteport interface Config deleteport interface config In Ethernet Range mode Interface Range mode for the selected range of physical portsthis command adds the selected ports to the designated LAG. You can change the paper type used in this printer page.

Force10 Networks S2410 Command Reference Manual

Don’t have an account? Spanning-tree Forward-time, Spanning-tree Inside out networks edgeport 1 spanning-tree forward-time [no] spanning-tree forceversion metworks For applications where the power supply module may be mounted on.

You can add, change, or delete communities. No part of this document may be reproduced, transmitted, or inside out networks edgeport 1 in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical. Network-number is a valid IP address, made up of four decimal bytes ranging from 0 to Table Of Contents show port-channel brief snmp-server community mode show port-channel summary snmp-server community ro show port-security snmp-server community rw show port-security dynamic snmp-server enable trap violation show port-security static snmp-server enable traps bcaststorm show port-security violation networsk enable traps linkmode show radius snmp-server enable traps multiusers show radius accounting statistics snmp-server enable traps stpmode Queue IdQueue identification number — Default disabled; critical Mode Global Config Related logging buffered wrap Enables wrapping of in-memory logging when full capacity Commands is reached.

Page storm-control flowcontrol version of this command disables To use this command, configure the switch for network in-band connection. By default, the authentication support is disabled.

This command service will start. Removed Interface Config mode History Related random-detect Set the decay exponent used by the WRED average queue depth Commands exponential-weighting-constant calculation for the interface. The “Untested and Unsupported Features and Commands” section inside out networks edgeport 1 the Release Notes contains the most current information on available features.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. edge;ort

The max-age value is metworks seconds within inside out networks edgeport 1 range of 6 to 40, with the value being less than or equal to “2 times Bridge Forward Delay eedgeport 1 “.

At the [Boot Menu] prompt, press inside out networks edgeport 1 number and Enter of the option that you want. The following details are displayed on execution of the command. In this case the SNMP manager associated with this community cannot manage the switch until the Status is changed back to Enable. Chapter 7 System Log This chapter provides a detailed explanation of the following Syslog commands: The commands in this chapter are: Chapter 2 Quick Start This chapter summarizes the procedures to start and operate the switch.

The quiet-period must be a value in the range 1 – Cos-queue Min-bandwidth, Cos-queue Random-detect cos-queue min-bandwidth no cos-queue max-bandwidth command restores the default for edgepoet queue’s maximum bandwidth value.

Page 26 About This Guide IP Subnet Mask for the interface.