Download the audio drivers for your version of Windows, and then run the file s that you downloaded. I have a presario d, it make a strange sound then the fan cut on every mins. Wow, and I thought my V was the only lemon! This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 5. He only fix my laptop about 2 minute, by take out the battery and connect with adapter than press the ON button—than my laptop turn ON.

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Hello, Interesting, My Pavilion has been randomly shutting down off and rebooting, Im terribly disapointed, Ive tried to restart it, but hp pavilion dv6449us, I also brought it in to the Future Hp pavilion dv6449us where I purchased it and nothing, the suggested restart it. So I read the first comment on this board that I should contact HP and my friend about the problem will they really fix the laptop because both ph them are out of warranty any ideas or is this a waste of time?

First backup your files, plug-in the power cord hp pavilion dv6449us hit F11 a few times when booting the Notebook note: Now that is where my training lies…political economy….

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

My other problem is that I purchased this laptop in the US but I reside in the Caribbean at the moment and the warranty is only valid in the US, so no local agents can help me.

The only reason my laptop lasted for so long is because i used it times a week. I have a dv, About 6 months ago hp pavilion dv6449us wireless failed, I said screw it and used ethernet. Prior to this i was getting probs with the wireless. Today it froxze as I was using it. Thanks again for the info! My question is how do Hp pavilion dv6449us get stuff off of the hard drive pictures, tax forms etc.


My dv has been in for hi heat ac, system board ,lcd and other things at this point HPwill send me a new dv7 as a replacement. This is off topic but I am sure you guys can help me. Please browse the Categories to the upper left for items of interest. They h charge me the price of the new disk. Also my sound stopped working. What a hp pavilion dv6449us of BS this HP purchase turned out to be.

From reading from this site it seems that compaq should have fixed it since hp pavilion dv6449us was only 1 year and 1 month old. After receiving the laptop back from repair, worked for about 3 months then broke completely.

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Please note, that this problem does not hp pavilion dv6449us all notebooks within the model and serial number range. This thing got repaired in less than a week! My friend just bought a hp pavilion dv laptop today, and there is no display or anything that comes up on the screen. Anyhoo, Can anyone help? After the fourth day, today, i contacted them again, and i told them, that my hp pavilion dv6449us had asked me to call them before he serves legal notice, as according to australian law, a repair is not legally a repair unless it completely fixes the problem, and as my laptop had been previously fixed on warranty, but the problem has presisted, i am owed a complete repair.

The power light will go on when i plug it in and out. HP is fixing my motherboard for free. During the return shipping, they had placed the AC adapter on the top-side of my computer, leaving significant scratches and gouges on the pristine surface. Realizing that something was wrong with the fan, i took it back.


However, if you live in the US, you can use their Live Chat on their website to get them to set it up. Right now, I still wainting hp pavilion dv6449us their answer for my e-complaint. Also I keep getting a box hp pavilion dv6449us up with my computer details on it without me doing anything is this normal, and programmes open up by themselves???

My Circuit City extended service plan has me sending the laptop to Nexicor here in southern CA for repair. Hp pavilion dv6449us also tried to send these machines to local HP and they told me to its better to buy new ones than replace the MO of this units.

Im gonna flash the new bios and check. If you warranty hp pavilion dv6449us still in effect, it will remain unchanged. I think it is hardware related as it started happening in the summer on a particularly hot day.

It seems it sometimes goes into a constant cycle of shutting down and rebooting. Press F1 to Continue.

Has anyone had issues with keyboard skipping letters? Oh, and for you out there wondering just what the problem is: First hp pavilion dv6449us manager lost the W-LAN adapter.

It dv644u9s really pity on my part to run pillar to post to get my laptop repaired. This is for 65 watt AC adapters.