A good deal of swing speed is derived from what you might call efficiency. Swing speed aside, Joe produced a higher smash factor and less spin with the Optiforce. My only reservation concerns accuracy. Designed with a lower leading edge to make the sweet spot more accessible for various skill levels. Factor in price and the errr…very odd cosmetics… and you have a rather poor algorithm for demand. We also didn’t hit the same number of shots as we normally would.

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Factor in price and the errr…very odd cosmetics… and you have a rather poor algorithm for demand. The dual runner design ensures cleaner turf interaction for more flushed shots.

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What People Are Saying Awesome customer service, club was in amazing condition, overall great site! Despite being sufficiently warmed up, Joe’s swing speed numbers opptiforce through the roof the moment he picked up XHot. Not one to ever stop tinkering FT Fairway Woods is rated 4. I have a feeling we are just looking at the proximity of the drivers fit to the players optimum, rather than any real performance advantages.

FT Fairway Woods

Thanks for the interesting data. We have seen this sort of thing before. For those guys guys like methe RAZR Fit Xtreme, despite appearing almost ancient in the Callaway lineup, remains one of the safest bets for distance on the market today.

With Optiforce, as with any other driver, you need to figure out if the intended performance characteristics gel with your game. It would have been worthwhile to chuck in the XHot and Extreme shafts into the respective OptiForce heads and had a look at those numbers. Personalized Golf Balls Personalized. In fact, a lightweight shootout between the OptiForce and the new Wilson D would be interesting to see. Once I was done with that it has been a great addition to my golf bag.

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In fact i think slow to medium swing speed players will prefer xhot. Our two senior testers hit an He might actually swing it slower. This is a great site that has dependable service. Reality Apr callaway golf ft optiforce 440, 32 Comments.

Rated 5 out of 5 by calimera from Very good performances With Stiff shaft I temporarely get better direction and distance than Reg. I love its launch angle and penetrating ball flight.

Any chance you could find a D head to pop that Matrix shaft into and give us a head-to-head? Callaway golf ft optiforce 440 am really intrigued by the prospect of improving this factor of my swing.

I am one happy customer. A product of propriety Fusion Technology A stainless steel face and body combine with the tungsten-infused sole to enable strategic positioning of discretionary weight for a higher moment of inertia MOI and precise positioning of the center of gravity CG. Ultralight, even kinda-light drivers haven’t callaway golf ft optiforce 440 a good fit for me in the past.

This allows Callaway Golf engineers to strategically place the CG for optimal ball flight trajectories and shot-shaping ggolf. Tools and Supplies Tools and Supplies Regripping. It all makes perfect sense right?

Dropping the extra dough for this seems nuts — i dont think tf miniscule if even benefit is worth it. But to me it is too light. A new look for Callaway Golf, the stainless steel hosel creates performance and customization that appeal to a wider range of players, while the use of Fusion Technology optifore all the playability benefits of an S2H2 and Tru-Bore callaway golf ft optiforce 440.


Bill 5 years ago. Jonathan B 5 years ago. Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned? Rex 5 years ago.

Callaway Optiforce vs. Xhot and RAZR FIT XTREME

I’ll argue until somebody proves otherwise, callaway golf ft optiforce 440 I’m part of the heavier is better Callaway golf ft optiforce 440 Covey 5 years ago. Your browser currently is not set to accept Cookies. DaveMac 5 years ago. We also didn’t calllaway the same number of shots as we normally would. Adding Daily Deal to cart does not guarantee your order of that item. They suggest an extremely forgiving driver with the potentially to be an absolute beast among what our previous numbers suggests are some pretty damn beasty drivers from Callaway.

The performance doesn’t seem to be affected. Club Heads Club Heads.

Designed with a lower leading edge to make the sweet spot more accessible for various skill levels. We have our Flightscope set for dry ground, which results in excessive roll. We had a some time left over at the end callaway golf ft optiforce 440 yesterday’s testing session for an upcoming driver review, so we asked our testers to spend a little bit of time hitting the Callaway FT Optiforce.